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Church Renovation Project Overview

On October 21, 2023, the church successfully completed phase one of the restoration project. It would not have been possible without your financial contributions, tireless volunteer work, and unwavering support. Your belief in our mission has been a constant source of inspiration for all involved in this project. The restoration work has breathed new life into our beloved church, and we glorify God for the progress we have made together.

Moving forward, we’re pleased to announce that we're preparing for phase two of the restoration project. This phase will further repair and enhance the church's structural integrity, preserving its historical elements and creating a more welcoming and inclusive space for our community. We're filled with excitement about the possibilities and are confident that, with your continued support, we will achieve remarkable results.

We sincerely invite each of you to join us once again in this noble endeavor. Your involvement, whether through financial contributions, volunteering your time and skills, or simply spreading the word, will make an immense difference. Together, we can ensure that our church remains a beacon of hope, a light in the pathway of darkness, and unity for generations to come. The cost estimate for phase two is 2.5 million dollars.

We want to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and belief in our shared vision. Your generosity has touched the lives of many community and church members and brought us one step closer to achieving our restoration goals. Let us work hand in hand, united by our love for this sacred place and our commitment to preserving its beauty and significance.

Kindly review the photo gallery below as we commemorate our journey of faith.
On July 22, 2023, the church completed the organ's restoration. We praise God for the organ builders who worked hard to restore the church’s magnificent instrument. We also are grateful for the cloud of witnesses who were in attendance to witness the organ dedication. We praise God for the sermon from Bishop Samuel L. Green Sr. Please take some time to watch the worship service. Also, as we will never forget what God has done, please review the video library below that shows the organ restoration process. To God be the Glory!

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